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Wall Street

I hear the complaining of those who see the wall street movement as an annoyance the real annoyance is the massive corruption in government going on all around us. There was has a 5,000,000 short fall in Wilmington where the money go who was held accountable? You hear silly responses like get a job wake up your government has sent all the jobs overseas and have allowed illegals to come in and take American jobs and cut wages in half. Many of the people who are writing in believe Americans don't want to work, please wake up. haven't you noticed that nothing is made in America anymore. Those are American jobs gone forever That's because of a government that no longer cares for the working class but only the elite class. Look at the bail outs another scam that the citizens end up paying for and look who benefited. The Wall Street movement is sounding the alarm but to many of us refuse to wake up.

To many of us are hung up on talk show host that get paid to continue the illusion of the right vs. left foolishness when the truth is there is no difference. Here is a home work lesson for you guys and gals pull up the voting record of Newt Gingrich who has become the RNc's man if that doesn't snap you back into reality nothing will.


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