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Are you kidding?

The sexual predators list is FULL of people with no stated religious affiliation. The reason you hear about cases like this one on the news is that it IS shocking that someone who professes to be close to God would hurt others in this way. We still do not know if it is true and I disagree with whomever stated that the police do not file charges without some "proof". Sometimes the only evidence is someone's horrifyingly shocking story. Their job is to press charges and the court's job is to try to sort out whether there is merit to the story. It is not nearly as uncommon as you think for this to go either way. People's lives and careers have been trashed over false allegations (it's kind of hard to prove a negative ie that you did NOT do something. I mean can you account for every minute of every day of your life 13 years ago?!) and people have been let go to do egregious harm for far too long. Unless you know something you have not come forward with, I suggest you wait until some evidence or proof comes out before you bash people of faith. Plenty of people who are athiests have committed crimes (the Columbine boys come to mind) does that make YOU like them if you are an Athiest?


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