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Are you “church” people serious???

Look, I get this MAN has only been accused of a crime, and YES, in this country, we are “innocent” until proven guilty. (I don’t personally know this dude and don’t care to comment on his guilt or innocence; not for me to decide.) However, I DO know this deviant behavior is excessively RAMPANT in these so called “churches”, as I have personally experienced its effects. The truth is we are all capable of doing some dirty mess, perhaps not to a child, but certainly towards ourselves or each other, a fact we would all do well to remember when we start to “judge” anyone….(Matt 7). If he is indeed found guilty of this crime, he will and should be punished according to the law. That being said, the whole “attack of the devil on God’s people” shtick is getting really old! WE (believers) need to be more accountable than that… WE are the ones enabling and even covering up this foolishness…. Here’s a thought: we have placed these humans on such pedestals, and have been so erroneously taught that they have so much more value in the family of God. When they perpetrate madness and harm others, most just go along with it in the name of righteousness and “protecting the Man(d) of God” C’mon man…All this out-of-context scripture quoting and zombie like repetition is a big part of why the church is SO dysfunctional… And for the folks using the ”touch not my anointed…” phrase over and over…PLEEEEASE go study that in the proper context and not from what has been regurgitated to you most of your life…it is NOT a “let Passuh or Bishup do whatever he/she wants to and get away with it” card! STOP STOP STOP exalting these men and women so highly… Some of these comments illuminate the ignorance so many church folks are bound in all throughout the body of believers. Stop confusing the functions in body mentioned in Ephesians 4 and replacing them with our seriously flawed man-made titles and offices…that was NEVER the intentions of our Lord Yeshua(Jesus)...see Matthew 23! We are to be a family of equals…different functions for sure, but no one more important than the other...Perhaps when more believers grasp that, this (and other) sinful behaviors will no longer be hidden, but will come to the Light, be exposed, dealt with, and healed… Then we can stop talking about all this “power” and actually manifest it…


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