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A Sad Day

Have any of you quoting scriptures and defending the so called "great man of God" stop to think about the obvious. No one can tell anyone when enough time is enough. Who cares if it happened 13 or 30 years ago. This man has been molesting children in the church for years but we should just let God handle it. Well in my eyes he is ... The TRUTH about your "man of God" has come to light and it's time to pay for his sins. How dare you sit before people everyday and portray this saintly being while you're destroying young men's lives forever. However I guarantee none of you have stopped to say "God bless these still young souls who took a stand." Have you stopped to think how this man destroyed lives and our walks with God. I say lock him up and throw away the key. This isn't about money or notariety its about whats RIGHT AND WRONG and he is DEAD WRONG.


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