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EVERGREEN -- Residents woke up to hateful fliers all over their neighborhood in Evergreen Sunday. The fliers claimed to be from the Ku Klux Klan. Angela Hicks was in disbelief to see the fliers. She said, "They were in the road, they were in the yard, all over, you couldn't miss them." The topic of the fliers is integration in local schools. Whoever wrote the message doesn't want black students from Fair Bluff Elementary School to go to other local elementary schools. Hicks says she's concerned for her grandchildren. Tomorrow, her granddaughter Cristal begins 8th grade at Evergreen Elementary, one of the schools mentioned in the flier. Cristal said, "Who would write something like this? You're not supposed to just say, 'we don't like black people.'" Pernell Dawson has lived in Evergreen his whole life and said he has never seen anything like this. "It bothers me because of the kids. I'm a grown man, I can take care of my own. But you know, kids don't know what's going on." The neighbors want to know who is behind the fliers. Angela Hicks said, "I want the coward to come and face me instead of throwing out fliers. Why don't you just come face the people and let's deal with it." There is contact information on the fliers for White Pride News. The Evergreen residents said they think the contact information was used as a cover up by locals.

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