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Same Stuff, Different Year

I am very sorry this happened to this family. This time last year my home was broken into and I walked in on the scumbags. I live in an adjoining neighborhood and this totally fits the m.o. of the thugs that broke into over 40 houses in the same area last year. THEY LIVE IN PARKWOOD AND ALAMOSA! They strike durong the day, usually when school is letting out to fit in with the kids walking home from the bus stop.
Yes the apartments of Harris have brought in a lot of crime, but a part of that was already here, right in our own back yards. The Sheriff's department does the best they can patrolling the areas, and has always been responsive to our Community Watch's requests for extra patrol. The problem lies with the judicial system who after these thugs are caught, gives them probation (in some cases not even monitered) and that's it. Then as soon as their probation is up, they go and do it again, because they know they are only going to get a slap on the wrist. I used to put a lot of faith in our court longer.

The bottom line is this: look out for your neighbors, call 911 if you see ANYTHING suspicious, lock your doors (use stop sticks and your alarm system if you have one), and don't leave valuables in a locked or unlocked car. AND REMEMBER, WE NOW HAVE THE CASTLE DOCTRINE ON OUR SIDE.


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