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Break-ins and your Neighborhood

We, residents of Long Leaf Park, feel your rage about getting "broken-into"...
From the Details I've gleened from this Artical, it seems your "Intruders" are from Lower Income people from a Apartment complex near-by.. Secondly, they are most likely Teen-agers at or just under 18 years of age..

Though WE here in Long Leaf Park AND Surrounding bussiness have been dealing with these Problems for a Loong time. By the same Token OUR "Theives" are & were "teen-agers" with 1 or 2 that were just over 18. They have broken into over 20 "duplexes" & numerious homes and business's, plus homes in neighboring SunSet Park, AND yes, were Finally caught.. One is in Jail, one was deported back to Mexico, while the younger "Thugs", are still out, because the Judge & DA in these cases "felt sorry" for these young Hoodliums, letting them go just about scott free..
(They should have let the VICTIMS of these "home Invasions" I call'em as thats what they are in reality, deal with these young punks, setting a example, Then I would bet that this wouldn't happen anymore, or a PUBLIC "caning"/Flogging in front of the courthouse).

Now again, as other times past, We are seeing a "resurgance" of break-ins again, same "Kids" commiting the same crimes, while the WPD, quoting them, say these Kids are giving them a Major headache,cannot do much except arrest and Let the wheels of Justice turn,

    turning in favor of these Lil Criminals
      ...While WE; the Residents, cannot do much except ARM ourselves & use video survailance on our own homes,or get a MEAN Dog, though sometimes even that isn't helping..While trying to recoup our "losses", hoping it won't "happen again". It's SAD when one of these Criminals Boost's on Facebook, "That the Law cannot stop Me".......

      Residents of White Road, feel blessed that you don't also have to put up with Crack-houses, and Whores, and Homeless people in your neighborhood also,OUR neigborhood roads mostly treated like "Drag-Strips" for racing 4-wheeler bikes and Pimped out cars, or ILLEGALS driving DWI everyday,(Look around here at our fences in most yards are damaged), as We have to.. Text-a-tip does NOTHING. If your suspected of calling or doing so, your LIFE is in Danger, or your home and Car is then vandalized...

      In Closing, while WE in LLP, feel your "outrage", do yourself a favor, get a weapon/dog/home survailance.. It does help "somewhat".
      In addition I'm telling those that can READ, to those punks in Long Leaf Park..
      Trying to set-up a "community Watch" here, ended up with the CRIMINALS them-selves attending, noting the people whom they are to target, or not, getting "Intel" on what your planning to do. Sad but true..

      Ya'll Lil Thugs, come around MY Home your going to get SHOT , no if's ands or but's about it. You going to WISH the police are around to protect YOU from MY WRATH...

      To the MOTHERS of these CRIMINALS, don't come cring on here or other Local news outlets about "He/She was such a good person Bull-S**T, they committed a crime, or happen to break-into someones home, they DESERVE whats coming...Remember that; as you let those Heathens run loose all hours of the night..It falls on YOU, the PARENTS!
      Signed, a outraged Long Leaf Park Resident


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