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My solution

Own a gun and know how to use it. The only way to solve this problem is reverting back to the customs that used to be effective. If someone breaks into your home or property, you have the right to defend it. Shoot enough of these crooks, and they'll get the picture. Case and point: The recent gas station robberies. Two crroks shot. Point taken. Not a single robbery since. Sometimes drastic situations require swift action.
Now I know there will be the sentimental crowd who say let the law handle it. Let me give you a clear, real life example of our judicial system in action.
Last year I came home from work to find someone in my house attempting a robbery. I immediately subdued the person and had a neighbor call 911. The crook was arrested and taken to jail. Crook is suspected in at least 5 other recent robberies. Crook makes bail that night and is released. Crook commits 6 more robberies while awaiting trial. Crook goes to trial and gets 12 months and probation. Seriously??? That's effective? That's what we are dealing with. This is your wake up call. Take a stand.


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