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I know what caused this.

I can tell you exactly what has happened to this neighborhood. I've lived in this area my entire life. When good ole Wilmington decided to close down the projects to give the poor people nicer living facilities, they shuffled them all to the north end of town. All of the poor people who refuse to work, who live off of the gov't were put into low income housing. Low income housing in Wilmington would be where cheaper, smaller homes are built. I know, because I owned a home in Alamosa when it went up in the mid 90's. As a result, the crime rate went way up on this end of town. Its been very sad to see. All because the projects aren't a good enough place for a certain type of people to live. Well, you can take the people out of the projects, but look what happens as a result. The rest of us suffer, because they don't change their lifestyle. They still live the same way, with crime and drugs. They just drag it out to where the working man lives, and now we have to deal with it. Sorry if you don't like the truth, but somebody needs to say it.


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