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calling all concerned

I have read all your responses, suggestions and concerns listed below and it saddens me to think that most people are looking for someone else to blame.

I too, have a young child and feel the same thoughts: if someone tried to harm my child for any reason, i couldn't even say what i would do!

Thank god, this family is safe tonight..... sadly, I'm sure they will have a hard time fully recovering from this experience. I know I would.

Please know you & your family are in our thoughts and prayers during this disturbing time and if we can assist in anyway, please let us know. There really are good neighbors surrounding you that are trustworthy and helpful.

The fact of the matter is we have a crimewatch in our neighorhood. We have a couple of hundred homes in our area and yet I hate to say but only a couples of families signed up for the last meeting.

Please understand, when crime was at a high in our neighborhood many, many, many families attended the meetings. As crime dropped, families dropped from the meetings.

It is not the responsibility of any HOA to protect our homes, neighbors and families. It is our responsibilty, as a community, with the guidance of our local police and sheriff's office to help and protect each other.

The sheriff's office has a great staff to assist your community in developing a crimewatch program in your area. The hard part is finding enough people to join......or to stay concerned when crime is low.

This message is for all truly concerned............

Get to know your neighbors. I'm not asking you to invite them over for christmas dinner but, just a hello or how are you will serfice.

Let your neighbors on each side of you know you are watching them and thier home.

If eveyone did this all homes would be protected in your neighborhood.

There is help and guidance out there to assist you in preventing crime in your area.

I have to do everything i can to prevent this from happening to my home, what about you??

What are you going to do to make your home & community a safer place?

What are you willing to do to make your elders and children safe? My limits are endless with the right resources and the right tools!



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