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Councilman O'Grady, get over

Councilman O'Grady, get over it and get over yourself. You LOST this decision, now go home. First, Mr. Politician, get this straight, YOU have failed in your presentation. You have failed to convince the taxpayers that annexation brings anything to the table but an almost doubling of real estate taxes.

You have failed to articulate any benefits along with failing to transparently state what these "benefits" would cost. Heck, I don't recall seeing what these benefits even are except for some nebulous idea that the City of Wilmington is some kind of economic magnet and we lumpen proletariat should be delighted to pay you for your vision and wisdom (NOT)...

Councilman, I am enjoying some fresh brewed coffee right now. I wish I could have you wake up to its aroma :)

First, a petition is not an election. Had you conveyed some benefit to the affected taxpayers in Monkey Junction, I feel safe to project that you may have actually prevailed in this endeavor. You, at risk of repeating myself, have not convincingly shown any benefit to the affected taxpayers in exchange for being involuntarily annexed.

Filing a lawsuit to block the certification of these petition signatures makes you look arrogant and cheap. You aren't making a constitutional argument. You have been rebuffed in your attempt to seize taxpayers' financial assets against their will.

Didn't you (and the other council members) take an oath which in part says you support the US and State Constitutions? You are really mocking the Constitution by using it to defend your Marxist attempt at the taking of property.


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