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True American

Let's take a look at Mr. O'Grady's quote...

"And then the thing they made you do was have an election where only certain land owners were allowed to vote,” said Wilmington city councilman Kevin O’Grady. “So, people who rent, they don't get to vote. People who don't live in the area, they don't get to vote. People affected by the vote, the city of Wilmington residents, they don't get to vote. That's un-American and that's basically what we're challenging. It's an unconstitutional election."

First, there was no election...simply petitioning the Board of Elections...

Second, renters, people that don't live in the area and City of Wilmington residents are not affected by forced annexation, so it does not matter whether they get a vote...

Third, and most importantly, what IS un-American, is to think that a City Council, made up of people that COUNTY residents had no say in them being elected, get to vote on taking over property outside the city limits.

Mr. O'Grady and you other politicians and supporters of this ridiculous lawsuit, you double-talk so much and lie to your constituients so much, and make decisions on your own personal agendas and special interests so much that when the people actually raise their voices to be heard, you are afraid, hire lawyers and sue.

SHUT UP and take care of the CURRENT City of Wilmington residents...I am certain they would appreciate it very much!!!!


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