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There is one way that I

There is one way that I could imagine improving on the law preventing involuntary annexation which would be a provision to allow folks in the neighborhoods the ability to secede, a process of de-annexation!

The MJ area has grown phenomenally over the past ten years. That growth was caused by investment; investment by large corporations and small business owners. These investors are the creators of value in the area, not the politicians.

Lowes Home Improvement, WalMart, Lowes Food Market, Home Depot and Staples are a few of the "majors" that can be named. Has it been considered by the City of Wilmington what the effect on area employment would be if property taxes on these businesses were to suddenly double??


If you don't think that a commercial landlord isn't going to pass a tax increase to its tenants and exact more $$$ from already struggling small businesses, you politicians are more stupid than I thought...


Way too many politicians have their grubby hands too deep in our pockets. Civic leaders should be focusing on the creation of opportunity, NOT the seizing of financial outcome.

More than one writer in this forum has called the Occupy folks "Marxists" and that they need to go home. I want to expand on this thought a little.... let's get the "Marxists" out of City Hall too.


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