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Everyone posting here is

Everyone posting here is correct. We should all resist growth and change as much as possible. Never in our wildest dreams did we envision having to pay city taxes when we bought property a few blocks from the city limits. Let all those fatcats inside the city deal with city taxes and such. We were the ones with the fool-proof plan of moving into a very spefic area in which we could be "mostly-residents." (We spend most of our time in the city; working, shopping, eating out. We have Wilmington on our addresses, we go to Hammerhead games, we shop at Independence mall, we get upset at Market St. & College Rd. traffic, we listen to Wilmington radio stations & watch Wilmington tv; even ask anyone back in PA/NY/NJ where we live - they will all say Wilmington, NC.
But WE know the truth - that we only mostly live in Wilmington.
You see, we are actually a few blocks outside of the city limits so we don't pay city property taxes - brilliant, isn't it?


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