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remember, there are a dozen "secret" towns joining this lawsuit

They aren't listed on the headlines, but a bunch of smaller towns signed their name to the lawsuit so they can push through some annexations that were stopped. Chiefly among those "secret" names is Marvin in Union county, which has the highest median income of any town in north carolina- over 150k per household. The best part is that Marvin provides absolutely no services. No police, fire, sewer, waste removal, water, NOTHING. They don't even have a town hall, they just rent a room at the local church for meetings where they decide how to divvy up 900,000 dollars of annual tax revenue. They are trying to annex 1400 households to get another 1.5 million dollars in revenue. And they spend all that money on nothing except their own salaries. It's legal highway robbery and it is time all of this ENDED.


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