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Board of Uneducated

This board has really batted 1000, let's see, hired a superintendent that lied about things and wasted many dollars of tax payer's money.
Then made a interm superintendent out of Mr. McKoy, who did a super job only to go outside the county and get themselves a new flunkie causing a good man, Mr. Mckoy, to retire, again wasting many dollars of tax payer's money doing a search for a new super. If Mr. McKoy was good enough for it as an interm, wasn't he good enough for it period? Then some of the board members spend thousands of dollars on a trip with family members and when they were ask about paying it back nothing was done, (special thank you to Mr. Duckworth for bringing this to light) then they had the best principal, Mr. Finn, that anyone could ask for and they let Ophelia Munn run him off because he was making his school better than her's. What the members of this board is way worse than meddle, it's unjust and most likely illegal. Mr. Lewis and company really don't meddle in success or claim it as their own, look at what we now have, there is no success to claim unless you call going backwards something to claim. The principal we now have is allowing the school to get as bad as it was when Mrs. Beatty was there, who by the way was given a better job at the central office as a reward, by this board, for her total failure as a principal.
My child has only this year to complete at West and it, thanks to this sorry board, has been quite a roller coaster ride, first a sorry principal and sorry superintendent and unsafe school, followed by good ones and safe school, only to now be back as bad as it was his first two years. Hope we make it until June and then no more.
Elections are coming around next year for about half of this sorry bunch, VOTE everyone of them out, put someone new in, no matter who it is, it can't get any worse.


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