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After seeing comments from all on here I can only say one thing....look at the number of Principal's that WBHS has had since it was opened. Nobody seems to stay very long....and after seeing the comments from this post and others, I can only advise Mrs. Warrick to leave WBHS as fast as she possibly can and allow this dysfunctional community to find someone willing to put up with them. The bad thing is the school isn't nearly as bad as you would like to make it out to be, nor is the staff. However, all of you are the problem....
You don’t know how the school was left by Finn and what she and the staff had to do to fix things. You haven’t given her a chance to make anything better at WBHS….only second guess and degrade her every action (and contrary to what some of you may think…there are MANY who are very happy to have her at WBHS). You have sensationalized incidents this year which occurred last year and weren’t brought up at all. Some gave her a hard time during the football season for keeping the head coach around…then when the decision was made between he and the administration that it was best for him to move on you rode her for running a good man off. Good man or not, WBHS had a failing football program and MANY were asking for improvement. You can’t have it both ways…you can’t demand the guy be removed and then complain when he is. You can’t complain because metal detectors are not used and then complain when they are and use it as evidence that the school is unsafe. You can’t complain because there are substandard teachers and then degrade her actions to improve or remove those substandard teachers from the school. You can’t complain because Finn supposedly ran the old basketball coach and then demand Mrs. Warrick hire a quality basketball coach then complain about who she hired…the man was clearly a quality candidate and seems to be doing a very good job. And lastly, you can’t show favoritism to or pander to certain parents or students because of who they are or who they know…everyone has to be treated the same…this is something else about Mrs. Warrick which seems to have ruffled some feathers….oh well.
Again, Mrs. Warrick....leave WBHS as fast as you can and let these people fight all this out amongst themselves!!!


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