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Wrong..this is Misleading news for Americans!!!

These jobs figure are a load of horse-hooie! It doesn't count the well over 300,000 people that have QUIT looking for jobs, it doesn't take into consideration the many tens of thousands of contractors that no longer have jobs either. What few construction jobs that come available are given to the illegals by the greedy contractors and developers. Just ride around a look.

Ther facts are that the economy is going NOWHERE right now! The jobs are not there, housing prices are still on the decline and foreclosure rates haven't even begun to subside. There are alot of people and families hurting big-time right now and it isn't even close to being over!

Sorry folks, but they can put out all of these glorius "reports" and blow all the smoke they want up Americas rear end, but facts are facts. When prosperity returns to America, we won't need to have half-baked, "feel good" jobs reports like this to realize it!


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