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The truth is the truth. Negativity is simply the byproduct....

Facts are facts dear boy. Also remember the additional hundreds of thousands of contractors that lost jobs and were never counted in the first place. Do you really believe that you can depend on the government or the media to provide YOU the truth about how bad things really are and totally screw up the Christmas Spending Blast? WAKE UP!!!

If you want to play, "I wish upon a star..." for economic recovery, I'll help you pick out a bright one. Until then, educate yourself and keep your eyes open to the streaming foreclosures that run like a river and have sympathy for those families without a home or income.

In addition to that, continue to watch your food prices as they continue to skyrocket and wipe out any possibility of getting ahead. Oh yeah...forgot to mention that your power bill is getting ready to go up again too. Drats, now the insurnce company wants more money to cover your home and auto. Don't be too concerned about the high gasoline and diesel prices, you'll get used to it. Do you have an inkling of a clue as to the geometrically escalating rate of the transportataion of goods and food? Ever heard of fuel surcharges? Do you undersdtand just exactly WHY you are still paying $3.25/gal for fuel? Even if you have a job...are you saving anything? How can you? does that "I wish upon a star...." game sound now? Blink hard...hold the eyes tightly closed...and just WISH!


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