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He laughs at WWAY

General Jayne sees WWAY as a joke they are not his equals, they provide no real threat to his day to day activities. He taunts you he has cleaned the floor washed all the sheets and rid the department of anyone he cannot trust.

"Nanny Nanny BOO BOO" Come and get me. but dont feel bad he has suckered punched others as well, he has masterly orchestrated documents for trainig, he has reorganised Dare programs to help with the kids. you are not his match he knows everything you know. Cox is the beginning, so WWAY make her the End.

start asking questions. Here is one who was on the hiring team? who did the background check?
When was she fired?
What happened between her and General Jayne?
Look at the personel policy and see if cox was fired before here time ran out?
see if she was investigated before or after she supplied Farris with the report.
Its all there just investigate. its not illegal its just dirty Farris management.

Lets not forget Sheery Lewis, are they saying she was a bad employee.

See she did what she was told and paid for it with her job.

Also there are employees who left that had perfect evaluations and good positions why not contact them so as to shut up the its only disgruntled employees,

Hit the payment continue on you can do it dont let him make a fool out of WWAY he is saying yaw are just a RAG and his but is where he will use you.


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