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Southern and proud of it

Not all LPD officers are Southern born and bred. Actually, few are even originally from the South, NC, the coastal plain, or even a county close to Brunswick. As a native of this area, I am well aware of the stigma that is attached to Leland. It was well-known for being backwoodsy and redneck (even amoung natives), and I've always laughed at how Leland has sold itself to incomers (mostly Yanks, since you brought it up) as being "big time" now. But don't fault the LPD's screw-ups on the fact that they are located in Brunswick County. Theses "bumpkins" are not natives. They have no ties to the South other than the fact that they bought property and settled their families here. Tired of some implying that the shenanigans are due to this being a Southern department, playing on the sterotype that Southerners are less educated, rednecky, and country bumpkins. No, what we have are a bunch of transplant Yankees who brought their bad attitudes and guido bravados with them. I can just picture them at the gym with that stupid song "I'm sexy and I know it" playing in the background. And then going out all pumped to issue tickets. As it turns out, quite a few of the LPD officers are not educated, the ones who AREN'T from here. Stop with the sterotypes. Being Southern and the dept. being located in BC has nothing to do with this. Where these officers came from has more to do with this.


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