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Something smells odd

I believe it is very odd that Chief Jayne decided to sit down with Mike Leggett to discuss allegations within the police department. Just a month ago, Mike Leggett called the Chief a liar and everyone in his department thugs. If you are not familiar with the Local News Review, it is a locally owned Newspaper published in Leland (which I'm using "Newspaper" very loosely). The owner of this paper is Jane Crowder, who just so happens to be Leland's new Councilwoman and is co-owned by.... guess who.. Mike Leggett. They also, sponsor the Leland Christmas Parade, which I believe the Chief and his children ride in every year. One more interesting fact, this newspaper also employs..... no other than ex-officer Sherry Lewis. (Per her Facebook page) It seems odd that Chief Jayne, who has not one time taken up for his officers or town, is now going to speak up. Maybe it is because Mayor Elect Brenda Boseman has wised up to Chief Jayne's lies and now he seeking a new alliance. I'm seems very odd that he would speak only to a local newspaper who has did nothing but shown his department in a negative light. Why not give the interview to WWAY?? That would have satisfied you. Why not give it to WECT or the StarNews, they both have conducted themselves very professionally and shown both sides of the story. I agree with you on this Scott. However, your Rant appears to have quite a few incorrect statements. The statements in your Rant contradict past stories reported by you, Mike Leggett and your sources. The post on this story has again moved from the focus, the Chief not taking responsible for anything, to again baseless attacks on officers working for him. Scott... have you not been in contact with the investigating agent at the SBI, like Mike Leggett... Do you not have the same connections??? Find out if they are still looking into the allegations of officers doing work at his house on the town's dime... In his letter he only requested the SBI look into the "Training Incident" and the "theft of personnel records".... He didn't ask them to look into any other allegations, like the ones made against him. I'm guessing he had a good attorney to dictate to him exactly the right wordage to use, so they would only investigate just the things that wouldn't include him. Jayne is looking for a someone to bear the blame for his mistakes and lies. I hope Leland, the new Town Manager and Town Council are not drinking the kool-aide. Mayor Elect Brenda Boseman.. I hope he is not wanting you to suffer in his place, please watch your back and talk to your people. Don't believe everything he tells you.... I'm sure he is working overtime covering his backside.


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