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I want to first say that I am deeply distraught over my misspelling of Your and You're. In the past I have made many mistakes, but none quite so embarrassing as this misspelling incident. I want to apologize first to my family, I have let you down and for this I am deeply sorry. Second to WWAY, mere words cannot express how sorry I am over this tragic twisting of the American language. My heart is aching and I am now paying the price as I cannot sleep over this event. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I am truly sorry. Third to Grand Ole, I know we disagree on almost everything but this act of ignorance cannot be forgotten. I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me. We are all human and obviously make mistakes, but none quite as horrific as this. Grand Ole? I am sorry. Forth, Das Weibstuck ahhhhh (("you're")) name Says it all.(Definition) Das Weibstuck: Duh-a$$ Weeb-stock. Noun: Originated in England in 1834 Des Weibstuck was a name given to individuals who had no friends. Often seen with t-bone steaks tied around their necks so the family dog would play with them. Not real popular in school often seen in trash cans or toilets with their underpants pulled so far over their heads it was being held on by their nose! Great name kiddo. But back to my point. I am sorry I offended you or used the word "dumb" eye am indeed the dumb one, and for that I am sorry. And last but not least? "You", my loyal fans. I have disgraced you in a public forum. This pains me the most. I have let all of you down by misspelling "your" I just hope that you can all dig deep enough to let this terrible tragedy pass so as we can all just move on. To my fans, I am sorry :( Say's who? Say's a saddened Kblue!


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