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Witch Hunt

Yeah, I am back. I see all the "whiney" people who feel they are entitled to render an opinion because they pay taxes enlightened me on how many more morons really live in the world. I really thought it was an act here in the Wilmington Metro/LA area on how people pride themselves on ingorance and try to pass it off as the gospel.

Again, go take a BLET class, sign an application, work some shifts and collar a few criminals to really get an idea. Otherwise, just shut your mouth and not question the manner in which the Leland Police Department provides law enforcement. Any one who has a problem with the "brotherhood" of the job, good. Perks of the job I say. Remember "fellow cop", whistle blowers think they are doing the right thing but only find themselves "out." Tread carefully, might be a long night when you are calling for help over the radio.

However, we as a soceity do have the responsibility to not rush to judgement or in laymans terms, maintain the presumption of innocence per se. Give the chief a chance to figure out if the alleged accusations are true and let the department follow its' policies and procedures if they are. No further character assassination is necessary.

Last but certainly not least, if you do not like something, you have every ability to change something, including using I-40 westbound. A hearty thank you to the Leland Police Department for being Lelands Finest and Happy Holidays.



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