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"your" my hero! Big hand for Grand Ole! "your" my new best friend..."Your" so awesome it hurts. "your" so cool I'm sure "your" going nuts right now wanting to correct it. "Your" the new forum spell checker k? "Your" gonna do fine. "Your" gonna make so many friends eye can feel it!! eye have faith in "you're" skills. Please continue the great work. Many people here look up to and admire "you're" spelling skills....I'm guessing at some point in time you will catch on? But probably not... Poe wittle stanka, Until then your doing a great job little fella!!! Bless "you're" little baby heart! OH!!!! before eye forget eye took the pleasure of looking in a Foreign dictionary for the meaning of you're name. Like to hear it? here it go! (Grand Ole Party) Gruh-and-old-Par-tea: Adjective, noun, verb; Known for his uncanny ability to correct the words (Your) and (You're) Grand Ole Party was to become the 2011 WWAY "Your" "You're" forum Spell checker. He got his start when in 1743, His Great great great grandfather (Grand Ole Your Party) on his mother's sister's uncle's brother's side, Used to do the same, only difference was the forum was printed on the back end of a over weight smelly Hippos booty. Other than his ability to correct these words he sat motionless often times carving "your" and "you"re" into the walls of his cell. You have quite the background little guy. Be proud of your roots! Take pride in you're self! Say's who? Say's you're buddy Kblue! Much Love to all my fans......


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