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Re: Mr. Rouzer, thanks for being

Just to comment on Guest99x's post; Not being from NYC, I must allow you and Ilario to discuss the finer points of Hell's Kitchen.
I feel more comfortable speaking about my fellow Carolinian, David Rouzer's claim of being a conservative.
A true political conservative "thinks" like a conservative. David Rouzer lobbied for amnesty for illegal immigrants. This was better known as Ted Kennedy's Amnesty Bill. My friend, a true conservative would never do that, despite the thousands of dollars that Mr. Rouzer made doing it.
Senator Rouzer is nothing more than a career politician. He's been involved in politics his entire adult life. When Ilario was a young Marine, Mr. Rouzer was a politician. When Ilario was working on Wall Street, Mr. Rouzer was a politician. When Ilario was leading young Marines through the streets of Fallujah - heck, Rouzer was probably lobbying for amnesty for illegal aliens.

Ilario Pantano is a true conservative, because he "thinks" like a conservative. Mr. Rouzer, thinks like whoever pays the most money wants him to think.

Hope you Nyawkers work it all out.


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