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That's just what cowards do...

...that have never even fired a rifle, much less been shot at by an enemy insurgent. They accuse him of murdering the same ones that killed our soldiers, burned their bodies, drug them through the streets and hung them on a bridge for display to all, including us. The same ones that videoed the beheading of our journalist and proudly sent it to us. The same ones that killed over 3000 innocent civilians on 9/11, using OUR aircraft and wiping out OUR towers.
These cowards support the enemy but rear-end our own for trying to preserve the rights of our great country. I'm not a Pantano supporter, but I'll never do the man wrong word for fighting for our country. It's a easy cheap-shot for those that know no better, love the enemy and care less about the country we live in.

I often wonder if these cowardly Americans walk with their head down and ashamed as they should. It's just a good thing they are simple, faceless cyber-chatters without a name...or they would be no longer.


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