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The 1920's Called, They Want Their Ignorance Back

Thanks for your post. You gave me a great idea. I think next year I will make certain that a gay organization marches in the holiday parade. Then, we'll separate those in attendance who have true Christian spirit from those who hijack religion as a way to be divisive.

Get over yourself. If there was a parade that was strictly Jewish or Muslim or (insert any other group) taking place during this time of year you would probably say that it was inappropriate.

Saying "Happy Holidays" does in no way infringe on your Christian or homophobic ignorance. All it does is allow people to be all inclusive and respectful of everyone. Something you obviously don't want.

There is nothing wrong with including other groups who are also celebrating holidays during this time as a way to come together. In fact, we should ALL be coming together at this time (even those who don't believe in religion) as a way of saying GOOD WILL TO ALL MEN (and women).

Who put on the parade? It wasn't paid for by Church money, but by tax dollars which I'm sorry to break your bubble of existence includes ALL WALKS OF LIFE.


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