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Finally do the hard tasks?

Could this town council finally do the hard work elected to do? Be responsible to the people? Find out why the IA department of the PD are harassing officers to take lie detector tests to find out who is talking to the papers and news stations? Are we harrasing the officers who are just doing their jobs, have a police cheif who is willing to sacrifice personal liberties of the press and information that protects our society? Can this council fianlly see that leadership has been lost at the upper levels of the PD, the City Manager, the District Attorney? Why is the SBI and the FBI in town. Let me tell you a fact, if the FBI is investigating the PD leadership they have stuff, they do not show up to look, they show up to finish their evidence for trial or charges toward trial. If the Cheif can not save face by resigning, then hopefully this elceted body can finally fire or relieve him of duty. Then get on with finding a responsible Police Cheif how lives by expample, leads by example and serves the people.


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