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Council Meeting suggested Agenda

A grander statement could not made than too.
** Send Bill Farris Home Early, no need for him to be running around talking smack about old employees.

1. Give consideration to terminating General Jayne,
2. Give consideration to evaluating past employees who were either pushed out or forced out by Jayne and Farris. Doubt they would come back but at least acknowledge them for there service.
3. Direct Hollis, to have all employees work in town hall or on campus at some location.
4. Give consideration to past employees who filed grievances that were unfairly handled by Farris and Jayne.
5. Let the people of Leland know you are through with buisness as usual at the townhall, make a pledge, put the citizens first, then the employees.
6. Discuss possible other problems with employees such as treatment of personel in the utilities department.
7. Acknowledge that sherry Lewis has been assaulted by other officers, quit acting as if this is just some other case, its most definitley void of morality.

Remeber that the citizens of Leland expect results and having a meeting to dab on some more icing only makes the cake your feeding them look Gaudy and over decorated.

Not My Fault Farris and General Jayne made a poop cake for all the citizens to eat, well I say dont put any more icing on it and feed it to them.


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