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What is next...are they going to move him to his own desk in the corner, or up close to the front so that they can keep an eye on him like they do in school??

This is ridiculous and shows what a waste of time and taxpayer money some of these meetings have become. You are grown men, and you don't like one of your colleagues so you move him to the end of the row...WOW, you have accomplished a lot!!!

I am sure you were the same one in school that ran in cliques, avoided people you thought were different or less than you, talked bad about others, and picked on the girls because they had "cooties"...

GROW UP!!!! Handle County business, don't waste our time and money on such ridiculous non-sense. If Berger is a moron and does not know what he is voting on, fine...Majority will always win so just let him commit political suicide and he will never be elected again.

Either everyone in New Hanover County a favor...and handle COUNTY business...Not "Ted Davis does not wanna sit beside Brian Berger" business!!!!


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