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An obscure date in history?

Do you mean like 9/11? The first bombing of the Twin Towers? The bombing of the USS Cole?
You have to remember that the Pearl Harbor survivors group was started in the day when our country actually had some unity and people stuck together to thwart the evils that faced our freedom.

It isn't like that anymore. America is about a mish-mash of individuals that only care about themselves and whatever benign cause that may be able to stuff their pockets. Even after repeated, successfull attempts to blow holes through the very freedoms we should be proud of, we still totally neglect our borders, the geometric influx of illegals and are doing NOTHING to prevent further and expected attacks from the fundamentalist Muslims that are hell bent on destroying us and what we stand for. We can profile a grandma for a strip search in the airport, but don't think about doing that to a middle-easterner with shifty eyes and lumpy underwear.

Patriotism in this country, with the exception of the the brave men and women that continue to protect us and our freedoms, is a complete joke and a total embarrassment to those Pearl Harbor survivors. They don't make them like that anymore and our country or our government doesn't even support those that try.


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