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it ain't over yet

IT's not just the police dept. You ought to look at the numbers of others who were forced out just because they did their jobs and didn't bow down to the town-oops-I mean-Greenwood/Stricklandville. It was because they actually had some smarts to them and knew how to do their jobs-not depend on the young upcoming I'll pretend you are so great pups. The reason you don't know about them is they were forced out before they knew what hit them and they didn't know they could stand up for themselves. How long do you think this kind of junk has been going on? Would it surprise you to learn that people's rights have been trampled on almost since the beginning of the town. For some reason they seem to think it is ok.............we will break the law..............take a hit and if we have to pay our insurance will cover it..........and in the end there will be a settlement which will actually be cheper than paying salaries.........and in the meantime we will use the salaries for what we want........we don't care what we look's the way we do things here.........the silence will protect us. Just hang on-there's bound to be more to come-there's probably more cases coming-there's others who saw the light and decided not to be pushed around.


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