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So the clerk is being irresponsible????

Store clerks a LEGAL RIGHT to arm themselves. I would even say they have an obligation to his/her family to preserve their life.

So this dum**** decides he wants to rob another. He goes in either having or suggesting he is armed.This completely innocent human who has a husband or wife and 2.5 kids at home. This person EARNING their way in life has about 3 seconds to decide him or me...

Well I would hope that HONEST WORKING clerk take about 2.5 Seconds to aim and squeeze however many rounds it takes to feel they have stopped the threat, aiming right at center mass.

He CHOSE to rob and another is lawfully armed and shoots and kills.
Too d*** bad. Society has one less thug and the world is a better place.

AND AN INNOCENT WORKING CITIZEN GOES HOME.... sounds like a fair deal.


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