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The kid was going for his

The kid was going for his gun, not wearing a hat on his head that was hung low and not in the back as he was walking to the back of the store to get a drink. He had a gun, the clerk had every right to produce his own gun and he even had the right to shoot the punk. This is not the fella's first arrest. It's not even his second, so don't go feeling sorry for him.

If you want to take your chances that you would even make it to the phone to call the police, you go ahead and do that. Those of us who believe in protecting ourselves, our families and our properties will do what is necessary to do so. If you don't like our right to bear arms, you are welcome to go to Britain where you can shoot a burglar and be the one who goes to jail. If you don't like how we Southerners are willing and able to protect ourselves, you are welcome to go up north. We don't want your kind here anyway.

Also, I would rather the punk who intended to rob the place to be the one at the morgue instead of the clerk who is trying to make an honest living.


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