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You are an obviously bleeding heart liberal

The reality is the individual who chooses to defend their store has the right to do so at the same time if they shoot an unarmed person I hope they have video proof of the attempted robbery. As far as Im concerned if somebody comes in a store and attempts to rob it saying they have a weapon they are fair game for a double tap to the chest. I was taught at an early age you must always assume when a weapon is pointed at you that somebody intends to use it for its purpose which is to maim or kill and you can never assume by handing over the cash they still wont use the weapon period.. Your assumptions are asinine. Nobody in their right mind is goign to pull out a gun and start playing Dirty Harry when somebody has their hands in their pockets walking to the back of the store to get a drink. Now admittedly at 4am I might be a little more leary and watch them carefully in case they decide to try anything.. In my 2 brief times working in Convience stores the times I was overnight the store was locked and we had bulletproof glass and all transactions were done through a slide drawer (even if they wanted a drink it would fit)... The other wasnt open 24/7 but we did have a silent alarm and strict orders to hand over the cash if robbed but I disliked the policy of not being allowed to defend ourselves despite having a legal CCW permit.


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