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Dear Real Mother:

You have a real opportunity here to scare the living s*** out of your son and turn him around. The friends he kept must have taught him robbing a store was ok. The only way to rehab your child is to get him out of this area and away from everything he knows. He is lucky to be alive, however, he may not be that lucky the next time.

You must accept that the citizens of this town are threatened by anyone who tries to rob our businesses. You cannot defend your parenting because somewhere you faltered. Your son is still a child, however, old enough to know better. So unfortunatley, you must take a good look at yourself and find out what signs you missed.

No one is questioning your faith or the love you have for your son. However, it is natural that we question your methodolgy and your ability to maintain control of your child. If you want to really make a difference make sure you leave him in jail and when he does get out, make sure he realizes his free pass is over.

He must be held accountable and you must see to this. Do not confuse the love of your child with the duty you have to also instill to him at any age the difference of right and wrong.


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