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When your life depends on the next FEW seconds....

...the police are only minutes away! People realize this and are continually arming themselves for self preservation. In this world where some increasingly feel it acceptable to rob, steal, cheat, beat, molest, rape and murder other human beings, we are exercising our right to protect ourselves. LEGAL gun purchases and the issuance of concealed carry permits are accelerating as never seen before and will only increase.

This is NOT vigilante justice, this is self protection and preservation my dear idiot. Nowadays, the thug criminal must not only be concerned about the late night cashiers that have a weapon, but should also consider that nice looking woman standing behind him with a .40 cal at hand!

This world is changing fast Buckwheet and the honest people are adapting well. So, as you sit in the dark corner of that convenience store while shivering with warm liquid in your shorts, you had best hope the hell there is a citizen on YOUR side willing to step up for what is right. Remember...the police are only "minutes" away...


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