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"it cant be that expensive"

Well, lets see.
1 uniformed officer $15 per hour.
1 marked police cruiser $10 per hour.

I'm sure those are low figures, but it will do to illustrate your lunacy.

Total $25 per hour.

$25 x 24 hours a day.....$600 per day.

$600 per day x 7 days a week.....$4,200

$4,200 per week x 52 weeks a year....$218,400 per year.

$218,400 x 20 years.....$4,368,000.00

Now the good part.

1 legally purchased handgun....$500.00
Concealed carry class.......$70 bucks?
Concealed carry permit......$90 bucks (which includes a background check, which the fumbling fool definitely couldn't pass)

Total $790.00

The ability to defend yourself legally against a person too lazy to get off his dusty A@@ and work for a living.....PRICELESS

So, to all the criminals, white, black, blue, or green, your on notice.

Before you go waving a gun around, pick out a casket so your mom won't have to.

People are fed up, and they aren't gonna take it anymore!


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