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Our children are being besieged by the enemy...

I applaud your efforts at shining a light on parents of children who make the wrong choices. My husband and I are currently going through some challenges with our 18 year old daughter. We are both hard working parents of 3 paying a mortgage in good old Cary, NC. I say that b/c it doesn't matter where you live or how much money you have, kids make dum decisions. We learned that our daughter, who had a job at the time mind you, went into a department store stealing makeup. We were shocked/baffled/hurt/disappointed.. everything you can image we felt it. Our daughter is a teen minister, at the time had just went to her senior prom which I was so elated about. So see, it came as a surprise when we learned of what she did. It's not a "hood" thing.. it's called Choice. So the parents that are doing all they can to raise productive citizens, my hats off to you. We can only pray for our children that they will learn from their mistakes. I too am glad that this situation did not involve anyone being harmed. Keep uplifting your child and let him know that it's not too late for him. Maybe he can mentor troubled children one day. Give them hope. Our children are growing up in a drug/sex/money crazed society. The number one show on MTV is Jersey Shores...enough said right that. Blessing


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