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Then both of you sniveling cowards get out of the way!

99X and PerSimmons, you're an accident waiting to happen. So, tell us more about the people you term as, "the sickos cheering others on to "shoot to kill"... There is NO cheering on here, but I can tell you for a fact that the citizens of America are getting sick and tired of being ripped-off, robbed, raped, beaten and murdered by those that aren't used to having people defend themselves. The citizens are fighting back and will only get stronger. They are already smarter....well, except for a few...(hint, hint).

You can criticize that and call them sickos all you want. Like I said before, curl your shaking body with your sopping wet panties up in the corner of that convenience store as the Thug takes what he wants and spits on you.

From my viewpoint, YOU'RE the one that needs the help! Consider enlisting in your local concealed carry class and put a couple of thousand rounds out at the range. There's a starter for you.


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