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Well, 461, lets start with

Well, 461, lets start with this: RSimmons made a sensible point that inspired me to strongly agree with him or her.

On my own review of the posting policies on this forum I did NOT discover that you "right wingnuts" have any exclusive license to demean and insult those with whom you disagree. What's wrong with you Coultergeists anyway? You're quick to dish up insults but very defensive when challenged. Your invective has failed to change my belief that those who called for “shoot to kill” are sick.

I can tell you this as an observed fact, during the few "scrapes" I've been in over my lifetime the puddles left on the floor came from the bigmouths, the so-called toughguys. Be assured that there was nothing wet in my shorts. By the way, if you have an interest in men wearing panties, thanks to contemporary liberalism you no longer have to suffer alone!

Back to the topic. Right can become wrong very quickly when firearms in the hands of unskilled persons are added to a volatile situation.
We are close to the anniversary of the Bernhard Goetz subway shooting which happened in 1984. It isn't just today that citizens are "fighting back". I am quite sure that Bernie Goetz went to the range and squeezed a trigger more than a couple times in order to gain the proficiency to drop four thugs who menaced him.

Considering reasonable defensive principles as we think about Goetz we see that he was outnumbered four to one by "youths" who were larger than he. One of these "youths" menaced him with a screwdriver while asking for money.

Goetz did the right thing. He defended himself.

To continue with your metaphor, 461, it wouldn't be a far stretch of the imagination that there was some voiding and evacuating happening that night on that train...

Four thugs down with four bullets. Great shooting Bernie!

Here's where things went wrong; Goetz expended a fifth bullet into the back of a man who was down. That decision damaged Goetz's life forever along with the offender who he paralyzed.

Goetz's failure was not exercising personal restraint after gaining control over his attackers and this judgment lapse cost him dearly.

Today, at this minute I am very pleased with the restraint shown by the shop-keeper for not discharging his weapon into this perpetrator. I am also pleased with the restraint shown by the victim of the truck break-in discussed on another thread.

Armed citizen hotheads are a cause for worry. It isn’t IF someone’s going to get hurt, it’s WHEN.


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