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love him from a DISTANCE

i don't doubt that she's a good mother, or that she tried to keep her son from living the life he has chosen; thing is that once you are in a gang, YOU ARE IN! the only exit is in a box, unless of course she plans on moving, and even then who is to say her son will change his behavior. He may just find another set, same gang, same BS lifestyle, etc. my heart is with the mother tho; i hope that you begin to live for yourself... sometimes we have to just love from a distance. it may seem harsh to say, but its real. If Parents keep patting their kids on the hand saying "dont do that anymore" then what REAL lesson is learned. None. i say let him sit there. and after he gets out if he still continues to repeat the same actions, wash your hands with him all together ( loving him from an even longer distance) continue to encourage him to change, and most importantly CONTINUE TO PRAY for HEALING/CHANGE in him.


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