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You do it your way...we'll do it ours...

...but the bottom line is that criminals should spend a little of their stolen gratuities to properly train themselves in the use of a firearm. Not realizing where your safety is, along with a sideways stance and holding a pistol "gangsta-style" with it rotated 90 degrees off-normal while flailing at the trigger just isn't going to hit much.

Remember that citizens that legally arm themselves use legal weapons, are trained both in the class-room and by qualification at the range. Remember as well, that concealed carry permit issuance increased over 600% last year as violent crime went on the decrease. Personal restraint in a high-stress situation is one that even trained police have a difficult time dealing with. I'll do my very best.

While I hope and pray that I never have a need to pull my weapon on another human being, if and when I discover a criminal thug endangering MY life OR the life of another individual in my proximity, my weapon will come out, seek a target and discharge. I'll happily take a legal review by 12 of my peers rather than that of a desperate thug that doesn't care about my life OR his own.

YOU do as you like....


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