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These "humans" need to skinned alive and fed to a few hungry lions. Let me ask you this...if there were a god or jesus...why would he/she let something like this happen. Simple answer...there is none. You sir/madam are ignorant and a scared little person who doesn't want to understand the world around them, so you makeup fairy creatures in the sky to help your little mind do so. People who abuse animals directly or indirectly by neglect should be shot in the head. I have nothing but hatred, bile, piss & vinegar in my heart for anyone who would harm a defenseless animal or child. By your account we would simply let them get away with it and let some make believe creature lay out justice. That is total BS!

Oh and in case you were not aware, the torture and killing of small animals is an early indicator sign of a serial killer. You may like to be friends with someone who would skin and gut a puppy...I on the other hand would like to see them skinned and gutted by a lion that hasn't had it's afternoon snack!


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