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Link to pictures of The dead puppy....

Follow this link to photos of the puppy found on another site, be forewarned, the photos are graphic and very disturbing.

Does this look like the work of someone who loves animals and who is a good person, as written by someone named Jenni and the neighbor?  These people are not only sick individuals who need to be punished for what they did to this puppy but also for what they are doing to their children by subjecting children to such heinous acts.  From the photos, this appears to be a pit bull puppy.  And look at the cuts made to the carcass, very straight cuts through bone, only opening the moist entrails and bloodiest parts.  Prior to seeing photos, I wondered if they had a puppy die to starvation and were feeding it to other dogs who were starving to death....   Then I saw the pictures.  If that was the case, they would have skinned the entire animal, exposing the shoulder meat and everything else, like you do when skinning a deer.  One look at the pictures told a different story.  This puppy was fed to the other dogs to get the taste of blood  in them, to make them want to fight and kill other dogs.  Im not a betting person, but I'd be willing to bet that the other dogs that were eating the puppy and it's entrails were also pit bulls.  That's why they were feeding the nasty bloody insides to the other dogs.  These people are despicable. I only hope the puppy was killed swiftly and not tortured to death.  I have been around pit bulls and other bully breeds my whole life....I love the breed.  I hate what some people do to them.  Regretfully, I have seen stuff like this before.  While the bond is higher than for some cases involving child molestation and hard street drugs, I feel the bond is not nearly high enough for until something is done to severely punish people like this, and other animal cruelty cases, it will continue to happen.  And once again, I bring up the question of the children.....what have the children of these people been subjected to and seen if these people think nothing of skinning and killing a puppy and feeding it to other dogs.  As a couple people have mentioned, animal torture is an early sign of warning in the case of many serial killers.  This is an unspeakable crime, and needs to be dealt with in the strictest manner.  However, given the current state of our justice system, I will not be surprised if they simply get a slap on the wrist and their crime swept under the rug.....  

Before posting any more comments defending these people, look at the photos of this puppy.....a picture is worth a thousand words....

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