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I really do not know where

I really do not know where to begin..First, if this "Rant" is really written by you Scott Pickey, you have no business being employed by any media venue. So, perhaps you have someone else writing this slandering piece of garbage, The real KBLUE perhaps??? I read this blog now and then to compare real journalism to tabloid never disappoint!
WE here in Leland like living in Leland, not in Wilmington. We do not need the likes of you or WWAY telling us what to think or what to do. You have insulted any THINKING person in this town by suggesting Chief Jayne is somehow in control of our town. What he is in charge of is the Police Department and that includes the removal of sub standard police officers. There are more residents than not of Leland who appreciate our Police Chief raising the standards, demanding our police officers look and act like professionals...obviously there were some that could could not handle actually doing their job--looking for any excuse to blame others for their own inadequacies and down right laziness! The citizens of Leland are safer today than ever before!
Our Town leadership is showing their professionalism, their intelligence and their common sense by standing by Chief Jayne and not succumbing to outside pressure from a tabloid news station looking to CREATE a story as opposed to actually reporting one. Point in case, why is there no reporting on your so called "source". It is well known that Leland's ex assistant town manger, Michelle Cox, is that so called main source. It it also well known that she has played this game many times before while employed by a number of towns across North Carolina. Cox and Pickeys history will catch up with them, it's just a shame that the WWAY audience has been "played" in the mean time.
Side bar..beginning to realize just who KBLUE is....


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