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"Proud Leland Resident??"

Probably more like Proud Leland Thug Dept member. Please your fooling nobody. You're either one of the cops whos got there nose up Head Thug Jayne or one of cops wives (I suspect the former).. Do you really think most of us in the town are that stupid. Do you not think we know there was intimidation against some of those who were considering town council runs while in other cases they dropped out because they knew darn well it wouldnt make a hill of beans of difference sadly because the town council is nothing but a bunch of inept nicompoops that lack any brass tacks to take any real action. Our illustrious soon to be former town manager either was in cahoots with Jayne or Jayne has soo much dirt on him he was forced to keep his mouth shut. Futch who I used to have respect, especially when he stood up to that fat blowhard former head of the NH County Board over the Skyway issue, Ive lose all respect for as well because in the end they've done nothing to correct the situation as they leave office (if there was any dirt to level the power Jayne had over them ceased when they were now leaving office). Im gonna laugh when somebody finally tags that PD Paddywagon Van down at Walmart and change it to Leland Thug Dept because believe me its gonna happen eventually I suspect (wouldnt be hard at 3am to do either, to be stupid enough to leave that thing parked out there shows how stupid the Leland PD is). Again my inside sources (which include people with intimate knowledge of the situation with the LPD as well as Chief Jayne himself) confirmed that the allegations are very much true that Jayne is beyond a Type X Manager he in fact has run roughshod over the department hence the large turnover. And believe me the SBI investigation is one thing but the FBI is something different and as somebody with ties to the area beyond SE NC I can assure you the likelyhood is Chief Jaynes future isnt looking too bright. Feds dont play nice with crooked cops especially when potential civil rights violations are involved.

In a way I feel sorry for this town because it could be so much but the impotent council and soon to be mayor and town manager act like the 3 blind mice and company the sad truth is they likely will continue to turn a blind eye to the misdeeds in this town until Jayne is forced out under criminal circumstances by the Feds and the very distinct possibility that the NC Dept of Crime Control and Public Safety yanks the police authority of the LPD rendering them out of business pending complete overall and retraining, until then and probably for the best the citizens would relay on BCSO and possible a mutual aide agreement with Navassa PD in Emergency Situations.


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