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There YOU go again thinking.

Dear Proud,
Your thinking is way off of the mark. Pride goeth before the fall! You say that Chief Jain demands officers who "look and act like professionals"? HAH! They really look professional when they dress like they just came from the garbage dump. With shirts that are too small, dirty and pants that haven't seen an iron since they came from the manufacturer. Of course all of them act professional? Mr. Jain punches one of his officers? Uses the town veicle and its gas to go to a Batchelor Party in Myrtle Beach? He takes his children to school everyday that is out of his area of responsibility? Of course HIS attitude that "LYING IS ANOTHER FORM OF MANAGEMENT". That speaks volumes for the so called man! Or the lack thereof! These guys are real professionals when they go around the office banging each other's crotches and of course they condone shooting a fellow officer of the "brotherhood" in the vaginal area causing real injury.
You are either one of the admin officers or the wife of one of them such as Mrs. Dellapia or Mrs. Blasingame or even well I guess not the girfriend of Lr. No Sak! Being able to count is very important!
As far as Scott Pickey is concerned there is enough questions that have not been answered by any of the town officials in Leland to merit this type of reporting and of course the SBI investigation.
Again all I hear YOU saying is BLAH BLAH BLAH I'm the wife of one of the DIRTY, FILTHY cops of Leland Police department!

P>S> We can't believe YOU still don't know who KBLUE is. Great investigator huh? Go BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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