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Leland PD

As anyone who has seen a traffic stop in Leland can attest, it usually takes a minimum of three police cars to handle what would appear to be the most minor of traffic stops - 46 in the 45 zone on 17 in front of Wal-Mart for example - usually including at least one of their tricked out, unmarked Limo-tinted take home / family transport vehicles. On that note, I've never understood why they put dark tinted license plate covers on their police cars - More recently, I've guessed it's probably so the plates don't get logged by traffic cameras when they go do "training" in Myrtle Beach, or Fayetteville. (BTW: you know that you are no longer in Leland when you see only one police car when a cop/trooper/deputy is writing a ticket.)

I think I now understand why they need so many cops to write a ticket. In the past, it's been rumored that for a single traffic stop, they all file reports for supporting the stop - safety issues, etc - that way they keep their numbers up to justify their existence. I guess now, with all the recent info that's been uncovered about lack of training, cops unable to breathe the same air, etc, the real reason is that between the three of them, they might be able to figure out how to fill in all the fields on the citation. Either that, or the speeder might be able slowly drive away while the cops duke out who's getting credit for the stop.


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